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Record Terms

The car hire prices include: 

  • Taxes and fees included (Taxes and airport fees are included in our rates)
  • Free cancellation (Up to 1 hour prior to picking up the vehicle)
  • Grace period (Record Go provides you with a 2-hour grace period to return your vehicle, in reference to the pick-up time stated in the rental agreement. i.e. If you pick up your vehicle at 3 pm, you may return it at 5 pm without incurring an additional day’s rental and late return fees.)
  • Unlimited mileage with Full to Empty and selected Full to Full rates. (Our rates include unlimited mileage. Nevertheless, you must return the vehicle to our airport office before exceeding 2000 kilometers for a safety check, otherwise we will charge a €2/km penalization)

Basic Insurance

Our rates include a mandatory insurance with the following coverage:

  • Auto theft insurance (A police report has to be lodged within 24 hours of the incident and provided to Record Go)
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) with Excess fee

The excess fee is the maximum amount of money you will be charged in the event of an accident or negligence. With the Basic Insurance, you will have to pay for a mandatory excess fee when you pick up your vehicle.

Groups MBMR, MTMR, EDMR: Excess fee €1,100 EUR


Groups FVMR, SVMR, SVAR, FMAR, PFAR, XGAR PJAR: Excess fee €2000 EUR

The excess fee on categories PFAR, PJAR and XGAR will be charged, not blocked. Should our common customer contract our Total Comfort Cover, the excess will be reduced to 1000 € and will be charged, not blocked.

***Bookings with a duration of 29-60 days will have a price of €2,000 for all categories***

The excess fee will be charged to your credit card when you pick up the vehicle. The excess fee will be reimbursed to you when you return the vehicle. If you have an incident or a breakdown, the arising expenses will be deducted from the excess fee since the Basic Insurance does not cover for them. Record Go will not be held responsible for any bank fees incurred when reimbursing the aforementioned Excess fee to the customer’s account.

In case of accident or damage to the vehicle, it is mandatory for the client to fill out an accident report and turn this document in at the Record Go office. Any accident or damage to the vehicle that is not notified will be interpreted as negligence. This will result in an additional charge to the customer. Also, in case of vehicle theft, the customer must report the Police and turn this document into the Record Go office.

With Record Go you will not be unprotected. In the event of an accident, we will process your accident report and advise on what you need to do. We do have a great team at your disposal that will help you in the event of injury or subpoena as a result of an accident. Please, be informed that will be charged 50 € additionally for this service.

The car hire prices does not include: 

Accidents and damage to the vehicles generate extra administrative expenses (handling of documents, accident reports, communication with insurance companies, etc). Therefore, in case of accident/damage to the vehicle, an administration fee of €50 Euros (Taxes included) will apply.

Total Comfort: Secure your peace of mind. Drive peacefully

Customers can waive the excess fee by purchasing our Total Comfort. Furthermore, the Total Comfort also covers you for the following negligence cases:

  • Loss or damage to the keys
  • Fuelling error
  • Damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle
  • Damage to windshields
  • Damage to wheels and tires
  • Damage to the clutch
  • Damage to rear view mirrors
  • Antenna
  • Battery (except for the category E0)
  • Tow truck service (Only when the customer incurs one of the other nine negligence cases covered by Total Comfort.)

The prices for the Total Comfort vary per car group and are as follows:











 Minimum Rental Price €69  €74  €89  €107 

1-3 (Per Day)





4-7 (Per Day)





8-12 (Per day)





13-20 (Per Rental)





21+ days (Per Rental)





The Total Comfort cannot be purchased for a reservation of a group, XGAR, PFAR, PJAR. The €2,000.00 excess fee will be reduced to €1,000 Euros for these categories.

Please be informed that, in the event you contract our Total Comfort and have an accident or the car is damaged, you will have to provide us with an accident/damage report. Otherwise, you will be charged for the damage in the vehicle.

Regardless of the coverage chosen, you will be charged €50 Euros for every damage/accident report we process. Should the insurance company determine that you are not to be held responsible for the damage/accident, you will be reimbursed with the 50-euro fee.

Drivers Age Requirements

Minimum age 21 years old. Customers must be 21 years old and above and in possession of a driver's license valid for at least one year to rent a car.

Drivers aged 21-24 €7 Euros per day (Taxes included). Maximum €84 Euros per rental (Taxes included). For Groups PFAR, PJAR & XGAR €25 Euros (Maximum €300 Euros)

Drivers aged 70 and over €7 Euros per day (Taxes included). Maximum €84 Euros per rental (Taxes included). For Groups PFAR, PJAR & XGAR €25 Euros (Maximum €300 Euros). If the additional Total Comfort Cover (our 'All Inclusive' option) is taken out this charged will not apply.

Additional drivers €7.95 Euros per day and driver (Taxes included). Maximum €95.40 Euros per rental (Taxes included).

Maximum 3 additional drivers per contract, in addition to the lead driver.

Rental agreement extensions

Once the rental vehicle has been picked up, rental agreement extensions will be confirmed only upon request and will depend on the availability of vehicles.

The customer will have to go back to the airport and sign the rental agreement before it expires. Due to logistic reasons, the extensions will be carried out from 09-00 - 13-00 and 15-30 - 18-30, Mondays to Fridays at the airport office before the rental agreement expires. Please note that a €20 euro penalization fee will be charged when the extension is carried out during hours not in the aforementioned schedule (this schedule does not apply to our Palma de Majorca office).

Rental agreement extensions will be carried out at the airport office at the local rate. Payment will be made directly at the office.


GO EXCLUSIVE for our most exclusive customer


The express line offers you a quicker service by avoiding the main line.


By including this option during the checkout process, you are guaranteed a diesel vehicle.

You will have to pay a €2 Euros per day

We cannot confirm diesel vehicles for substitutions. In case of a diesel vehicle substitution due to high mileage.

Child and Booster Seats

Please note: Baby seats are not offered at any of our locations

Child seats (9-18 kgs) €8.95 Euros per day, rental and child seat (Taxes included). Maximum €107.40 Euros per rental and child seat (Taxes included). Payment must be made directly at the desk upon rental agreement signing.

Booster seats (18-36 kgs) €8.95 Euros per day, rental and booster seat (Taxes included). Maximum €107.40 Euros per rental and booster seat (Taxes included). Payment must be made directly at the desk upon rental agreement signing.

Customers will have up to 6 business hours to pick up their vehicles, after the original pick up time, before the booking becomes a no-show.

Payment method

Payment is made with a credit card (Visa and MasterCard) or debit card (Visa and MasterCard ATM, except for EC-Karte) when you arrive at the airport. If payment is made by debit card you will be charged the excess (you must have the funds available on your debit card for the excess). Alternatively you can take out the Total Comfort insurance meaning no excess will be charged on your debit card. Other payment methods will also be accepted, provided that the customer purchases the Total Comfort:

All the other credit cards, such as American Express

COMDIRECT debit/prepaid, Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) debit/prepaid, ING GIROKONTO, Postbank debit/prepaid, Visa Premier debit, Visa Carte Bleue, Bankort debit and Danske Bank (DK) debit.

Other payment methods restrictions:

We do not accept cash payments.

In the event the renter (payer) is not the rental agreement's main driver, he will have to purchase the Total Comfort.

Customers can only use one credit/ATM debit card per contract and they must be personal (issued with and in the name of the holder).

The holder of the credit card must be present at the time of pick up.

You may cancel your reservation and receive a full reimbursement as long as the cancellation request is made at least one hour prior to the pickup time.

If an invoice in the name of a company is required, the customer will have to leave a €600 Euro Excess fee. The rental agreement has to be issued in the name of the company for us to be able to issue the invoice as such. Once the rental agreement is issued, it is not possible to change the invoice data as this is always derived directly from the information stated on the rental agreement.

Limited Mileage

Record have two full to full rates at  -

Full/Full limited; included 120 kms/day, extra km is 0.45 €. In the event of the rental vehicle being returned before confirmed drop off time, the customer will only be allowed to travel the distance corresponding to the rental days enjoyed. This limitation applies to Seville, Valencia, Alicante and Malaga. Full/full limited rates in Barcelona airport (off) and Train Station include 150 kms/day, extra km is 0.45€. If km limitation reaches unlimited km condition, a vehicle inspection is needed as in unlimited rates -

Full/Full unlimited; included 2.000 kms, before reaching 2.000 kms customer must return to pick up location for a vehicle inspection. In case vehicle is not reviewed by RGO staff a 2 €/km will be charged. TCC, TCCP and FC include 3.000 kms.

Full/Empty unlimited; included 2.000 kms, before reaching 2.000 kms customer must return to pick up location for a vehicle inspection. In case vehicle is not reviewed by RGO staff a 2 €/km will be charged. TCC, TCCP and FC include 3.000 kms

In the event of the rental vehicle being returned before confirmed drop off time, the customer will only be allowed to travel the distance corresponding to the rental days enjoyed.

Fuel policy

The customer will have to choose one of our fuel options: “Basic Service” or “Premium Service”

Fuel Policy «Basic Service» (Full to Empty)

You will have to pay for a full tank of fuel in advance in both fuel options. You will be reimbursed for the unused amount of fuel left in the vehicle subject to a re-fuelling charge. Do take into account that the amount charged depends on the vehicle model received as well as on the price of fuel in the market on the pick-up date.

In the event of vehicle upgrade, the fuel charge will be made for the vehicle provided, not to the one originally booked.

The amount to reimburse will be calculated based on the amount of fuel left. The unit of measure will be every 1/8 of a tank in the vehicle's gauge. In case clients decide to return the vehicle full of fuel, as a requisite we will need that they provide us with the receipt of the gas station adjacent to the airport. If the customer does not provide us with the gas station receipt, our automated refuelling system will check the amount of fuel left in the vehicle.

The “Basic Service” rate includes a non-refundable €30 euro handling fee (TAX included).

Fuel Policy «Premium Service» (Full to Full)

The “Premium Service” has the same characteristics as the “Basic Service” with these other advantages:

You can refuel the vehicle at the gas station of your choice and you will not have to provide us with the receipt.

If the tank is not actually full, we will provide you with a three-litre grace margin to be considered full; this way you will get the full amount.

We commit ourselves to reimburse you for the unused amount of fuel within two hours. Notwithstanding, please do take into account that the actual reimbursement timing will depend on your bank, not on us.

You will be able to choose the vehicle model you like, within the category booked (see categories)—subject to availability when you pick up the vehicle (up to three models to choose from).

Also, if you contract this service from our website (www.recordrentacar.com) or by phone (+34-902-123-002), the “Express Service desk” will be included.


Vehicles must be collected and returned to the same airport office. One-ways are not possible. A penalization of €200 Euros will be charged to the customer’s credit card in the event the vehicle is returned in another location other than the pickup office.

Vehicles cannot be taken abroad or between islands.

Vehicles not to transport or embark the vehicle by plane, ferry or any other kind of maritime transport.

We do not offer hotel deliveries.

A local address (apartment, condominium, hotel, etc.) must be provided by the customer to pick up the rental vehicle (as requested by law).

It is mandatory to present both a driver's license and a photo ID. International customers must also present their passports. All the documents must be in Latin alphabet. All documents in other languages (Arab, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc) must be accompanied by a legal translation or an International Driver's license.

Only the original driver's license will be accepted. Faxed or photocopied versions of a customer’s license will not be accepted.

In the event the vehicle category booked is unavailable upon pick up, we will provide a free upgrade.

Customers are required to know the PIN number of their credit/ATM debit card if the card uses a chip security technology.

A penalization of €25 per day will be charged in the event our customers park their rental vehicles in our parking spaces during the rental period.

A penalization of €30 Euros (just one payment) will be charged in the event our customers park in a public parking lot, as well as the parking ticket. This will apply when the vehicle is recovered the day of the return date agreed on the rental agreement.

In the event a customer leaves the vehicles in a public parking lot and the vehicle is not recovered the same day of the agreed return date, we will charge the Late Return Fee (€40) — more information right below.

Damage/Lost/Stolen keys €302.50 Euros

Traffic fines

Record Go will charge an administration fee of €40 Euros (Taxes included) to the customer whenever we receive notification of a traffic fine incurred by the customer during his rental period. Record go is obliged by law to provide the authorities with details of any customer who obtains a traffic fine during his rental period.

This fee does not include the fine's payment whatsoever; the customer will have to pay the fine directly to the corresponding Spanish authorities.

Vehicle abandonment

Customers who abandon their vehicles at a location other than the location agreed upon in the rental agreement will be responsible for the costs generated by their breach of contract. The customer will also be charged the daily rental rate and a penalisation fee of €40 Euros per day (Taxes included).

Standard vehicle cleaning

The rental price includes a standard vehicle cleaning, yet in the event the vehicle requires a special cleaning, Record Go will charge the customer €95 for a cleaning fee.

Smoking in the car €50 Euros

Out-of-hours pick up and drop off:

Both pick-ups and drop-offs from 23-00 through 07-00 will be considered out-of-hours.

If the pick-up takes place between 23-00 - 07-00, there is an extra charge of €40 (TAX included). The pick-up time will be considered that of the customer signing the rental agreement. Please, note that Record Go staff members will be waiting for you at the office.

In Ibiza we offer out-of-hour pickups and drop offs from 23-01 through 03-00 and also at an extra charge of €40 Euros (applicable in both cases).

The out-of-hours drop-offs are free of charge. In these cases, you will not have to meet any member of our staff. You will have to leave the keys in the parking lot office key box. Should you want to leave the gas station receipt, please be sure to leave it in a visible place such as the vehicle's dashboard

Damage/accident administrative fee

Accidents and damage to the vehicles generate extra administrative expenses (handling of documents, accident reports, communication with insurance companies, etc). Therefore, in case of accident/damage to the vehicle, an administration fee of €50 Euros (Taxes included) will apply.

Flight number

Please note that providing your flight number is required for pickups during out of office hours to guarantee the delivery. If you have not provided us with it at the time of making your booking, our representative might not be waiting for you upon your arrival to our offices during out of office hours. 

Customers have 6 business hours to pick up the vehicle after the original pick up time. After this it will be cancelled

Groups may contain similar models to those specified. No model can be guaranteed in any group. 

Other Charges

- Special cleaning 95 €
- Smoking fee 50 €
- Driving outside authorized territory 95 €
- One way (not allowed) 200 €
- Excessive kilometer: 2 € per extra km (if vehicle exceeds 2.000 during rental and it has not been revised by our staff) for full/full
unlimited rates and 0,45 € per extra km for full/full limited rates
- Late return 40 € per day plus daily rate per day
- Vehicle abandonment 40 € per day plus official daily rate per day until recovery
- Fine administration fee 40 €
- Damage administration fee 50 €
- Vehicle returned at public car park 30 €
- Flight diversion (in case of flight diverted to other airport) 40 €
- Wrong fuel 250 €
- Damage/loss/stolen keys 250 €
- Driver 70 and over will be charged a senior drivers charge of €7 Euros per day
- Debit card and AMEX payment (Total Comfort Cover)


The rates are subject to change without notice

Please note that the contents of our website are aimed at users aged 16 years and above, but you must be over 21 years to hire cars using the payment methods on our website.

Buying Products on our website

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You undertake that all details you provide to us for the purpose of ordering car hire which may be offered by us on our website will be correct.


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