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These Terms

1. Your use of this website and your request for a car is subject to these Terms of Business & Use.

2. By accessing our website you agree to be bound by our Terms of Business & Use.

3. If you do not understand or are concerned about any of the Terms please contact us at h[email protected]

4. You should not use this website or submit a request for a car if you do not wish to be bound by these Terms of Business & Use.

Who are Hire Cars in Spain.com?

5. Hire Cars in Spain.com (referred to as “us” or “we” in these Terms is a limited company registered in England (company number 5274991). We can be contacted: -

By e-mail at [email protected]

By post to 118a High Street, Lee-on-Solent, Hants. PO13 9DA

6. We act as a car hire arranger. We arrange for a specialist car hire company in Spain to provide a car to you (“the Spanish Company”) and ensure that a car is reserved for you. Where we arrange a car for you, we will provide you with a Car Hire Voucher. The Voucher confirms that the Spanish Company has reserved a car for you for the period of hire set out in your request.

7. You do not pay us for the arranging service provided to you. You pay the Spanish Company direct on arrival when you collect the car. Our payment arrangement is with that Company. For more information on payment see the Prices & Payment section below.

Your Hire Contract

8. Your car hire contract will be between you and the Spanish Company. The Spanish Company we will arrange your car hire with is shown on the website.

9. You will be asked to sign a hire contract with the Spanish Company when you collect your car. You should read this carefully. The contract is likely to contain restrictions on your use of the car and be subject to Spanish law.

10. Whilst we will take all reasonable steps to assist with any concerns you have with the Spanish Company or your hire contract, we are responsible for arranging the car only as described in these Terms. No contract for car hire is formed with us. As such we are not responsible for any loss or damage you may incur relating to your car hire, unless we act negligently or fail to act in accordance with these Terms, and all claims should be directed to the Spanish Company with whom you form a contract.

Specific Car Hire Requirements

11. Requirements of each Spanish Company are set out below. Please note that if there is any conflict between the requirements set out below and the requirements of the Spanish Company when you collect your car, the requirements when you collect your car will prevail.

Click here to see Al Andalus requirements

Click here to see Autoclick requirements

Click here to see Centauro requirements

Click here to see Delpaso requirements

Click here to see Dickmanns requirement

Click here to see Drivalia requirements

Click here to see Econorent requirements

Click here to see GoldCar requirements

Click here to see Malagacar requirements

Click here to see Malco requirements

Click here to see Pulsar requirements

Click here to see Record requirements

Click here to see Rhodium requirements

Click here to see Solmar requirements

Car Hire Requirements

12. All car hire arranged by us will be subject to the requirements set out below. Please read these carefully.
We will not be responsible for any loss you suffer as a result of your failure to meet these requirements, including where the Spanish Company refuses your car hire. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.

13. The Spanish Company can refuse to provide a car to any person they reasonably believe to be unfit to hire the car (including where it reasonably believes the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs) or who does not meet the eligibility requirements stated in the Spanish Company’s Requirements.

14. Child Seats & Roof Racks:-

  • Car seats and roof racks should be requested at the time of submitting your request to us for a car.
  • Sometimes an additional charge will be payable to the Spanish Company when you collect your car (see Specific Car Hire Requirements section).
  • Child seats must be used in Spain – fitting instructions will be provided but you will need to fit the seat yourself.

15. Driving Licence Requirements: -

  • All drivers must produce a full British driving licence held for at least one year to the Spanish Company when they collect the car. Both parts of the new style licences (the photo card and paper part) must be produced.
  • It is each driver’s responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate driving licence.

16. Car Hire Voucher & Documents: -

  • You must present the Car Hire Voucher provided by us when you collect your car.
  • We recommend that you retain your rental documents and related receipts for a minimum of 28 days after the end of your car hire in case of any disputes.

17. Age Requirements: -

  • All drivers must be over 21 years of age.

18. Car Size & Passengers:-

  • Details of the size of car are shown on the website. Please check this carefully and if you have any queries contact us at h[email protected] before you submit your request for a car.
  • You must not exceed the number of passengers suitable for the car for safety reasons and as this may invalidate the car insurance.
  • We will not be responsible if the car is not large enough to fit your passengers and your luggage and no refunds will be provided where this is the case.

19. Border Restrictions:-

  • Restrictions apply when crossing country and state borders. Please contact us at [email protected] before you submit your request for a car to find out whether border crossing is permitted and whether any charges apply.

20. Insurance:-

  • Please see each individual car suppliers terms. Please note any insurance taken out does not cover: damage caused by driving without due care and attention, negligently or where the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

You may therefore be responsible for the costs of repairing this damage.

  • Insurance will also not cover towing charges where the above damage occurs and you will be required to meet these costs.
  • Insurance cover is not provided for the contents of the car and this is therefore your responsibility.
  • Insurance cover is not provided for loss of or damage to car keys and you will be required to meet the reasonable costs of obtaining a replacement (which may vary depending on the type of car) and the full replacement cost of the car where this is stolen or repairing damage caused to the car as a direct result related to your loss of the keys.

21. Car type &Suitability

  • Groups may contain similar models to those specified. No model can be guaranteed in any group

22. Mechanical Difficulties & Accidents

  • If you have any problems with the car please contact the Spanish Company, all telephone numbers and addresses are given when the contract is signed

Your Request for a Car

23. To request a car you will need to follow the request procedure set out on the website.

24. By submitting a request for a car you are confirming that the information you provide is correct

25. When you submit a request for a car you will immediately receive an on-screen confirmation that your request has been received by us (“Request Confirmation”).

26. If there are any errors in your request or in the information provided on the website relating to your request we will contact you as soon as possible by e-mail so that your request may be rectified or cancelled (at your option). This may delay the provision of a Car Hire Voucher to you.

27. For all car requests (except for Cars on Request), we will make every effort to arrange your car and provide your Car Hire Voucher by e-mail (at the address you provide to us) within 48 hours of the Request Confirmation. The Voucher confirms that the Spanish Company has reserved a car for you for the period of hire set out in your request.

28. If there is any error on your Car Hire Voucher and/or in relation to your reservation we will contact you within 72 hours of providing your car hire vouche, notifying you of the error and requesting a rectification of this. If you are unwilling to accept the rectification we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.

Special Request Cars

29. Special Request Cars need to be specifically requested with the Spanish Company and may not always be available. We will make every effort to e-mail you (at the address you provide to us) within 48 hours of the Request Confirmation to confirm whether we are able to arrange the car. Where we are unable to arrange the car we will confirm this in the e-mail. Where we are able to arrange the car we will provide the Car Hire Voucher with this e-mail.

Prices and Payment

30. The price for your car hire is the price shown on the website at the time you submit your request for a car.

31. Payment must be made to the Spanish Company direct on arrival when you collect your car .

32. Payment can only be made by credit card (unless the suppliers full insurance is taken and you e-mail [email protected] to request payment by debit card). Payment must be made using the credit card of the main named driver. You must therefore ensure that the main named driver has a valid credit card with sufficient credit facilities to cover the cost of your car hire.

Cancelling your Car

33. If you decide you do not wish to hire the car we have arranged, you may cancel this at any time before the start of the hire period by e-mailing us at: [email protected]

34. Where you cancel in accordance with Term 32, no charge will be made for cancelling your car.

35. Please note that we cannot guarantee that the Spanish Company will not charge you the full hire charge where you fail to notify us, do not arrive to collect your car, collect your car late, do not retain your car for the full rental period or where you cancel the car following the start of your rental period. This will depend upon whether the Spanish Company is able to re-hire the car reserved for you.

Questor Car Hire Excess Insurance

36. Only Customers living in the following countries can take out our Questor Insurance

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Cyprus
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Spain
  • Finland
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Guernsey
  • Jersey
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Sweden

Cancelling your Questor Car Hire Excess Insurance

37. Cooling off period - A 14 day cooling off period is provided with every Questor policy. Questor will offer a full refund during that time unless the policy start date is within 14 days then the policy must be cancelled on the same day of purchase.

38. Cancelling after this period could result in no refund although this is subject to the Questor manager's discretion.


39. If you have any complaints about the arrangement of your car by us please contact us at [email protected] or by post to 118a High Street, Lee-on-Solent, Hants. PO13 9DA.

40. If you have any concerns about the Spanish Company or your contract with it, please contact us at the above address and we will take all reasonable steps to assist.

Information About You

41. We will use the information you provide to us to: -

  • Process your request and arrange your car;
  • Maintain a customer database to enable us to efficiently deal with your requests and enquiries; and
  • Forward promotional information to you where you indicate you wish us to.

42. We will not share your information with anyone else apart from: -

  • The Spanish Company who will provide your car;
  • Any successor to Hire Cars in Spain.com.

43. Please check the information you provide to us is accurate and let us know if it needs to be updated or deleted.

44. We may use technology to track the patterns of behaviour of visitors to our website. This can include a “cookie” which would be stored on your browser. You can usually modify your browser to prevent this happening. Where you do not modify your browser this information may be used.

This Website

45. The content of this website is protected by copyright laws. Accordingly you should not copy, reproduce or retransmit any material from this site apart from downloading these Terms or other information for your personal use.

46. We try to make our website available but cannot guarantee that it will operate continuously or without interruptions or be error free and we cannot accept any liability for its unavailability.

47. Every care is taken to ensure that the information provided on this website is accurate and complete. However, errors may occur and no guarantee is therefore given

48. Whilst we use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure protection against virus infection, we are not in a position to confirm that this website and any material available for downloading from this website will be virus free and cannot accept any liability in this regard. We therefore recommend that you carry out your own virus checks, particularly before downloading any material.

49. Any links to other websites provided on this website are for your convenience and do not represent an endorsement or recommendation by us. We are not responsible for the content or availability of any websites of such links or for any loss or damage arising as a result of such website or any contract entered into with their providers.


50. If any provision of these Terms shall become illegal or unenforceable for any reason then these Terms shall take effect as if that provision had been omitted and the remainder of the Terms will not be affected.

51. These terms, your use of our website and any request for a car submitted by you is governed by English law and you submit to non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English court.