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Our net rate offer includes:

  • Basic insurance (CDW, TP, PAI)
  • Unlimited Mileage (with exceptions please see below)
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Tax (Currently 21%)

Important Information:

• The following documents are necessary when collecting the car: Passport or ID, driving license and a valid credit card.

• SolMar accepts all major credit cards such as Amex, Visa, Diners, etc.

• On arrival, payments must be done with CREDIT CARD. The credit card must be in the name of the main driver on the contract.

• The reservation does not refer to a specific vehicle (make, model, etc) but rather a group of vehicles with similar technical and design characteristics.

• SolMar reserves the right to cancel the delivery of the vehicle in case of doubts about the financial capacity of the client, outstanding debts or any serious incidents with SolMar. Also, SolMar may refuse to rent the vehicle, if consider that the driver is intoxicated or affected by any other type of drug that may limit driving the vehicle.

Driver licence:

All drivers must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driving license for at least three years.

For rentals of group I & J, a minimum age of 28 years is required.

Drivers under 25 or who have held a license for between 1 and 4 years must pay €4.85 VAT incl. extra per day, up to a maximum of €58 VAT incl. per rental.

Drivers, including additional drivers, being 70 years old or more have to take Solmar’s SuperCover.

Limited mileage:

The mileage is limited for groups M & M9 to 200km/day. Each additional Km will be charged at €0.25 (VAT incl.).

Limited mileage at Barcelona Airport for all Groups:

- Mileage included depending on rental length:

1 to 3 days: 300kms/day

4 to 6 days: 250kms/day

7 to 14 days: 150kms/day

For rentals of + 15days: 100kms/day

- Price per extra km:

Groups A to C1: €0.18 VAT incl.

Groups D to F9 and K1: €0.20 VAT incl.

Groups G9 to M: €0.25 VAT incl.

Fuel policy:

SolMar delivers all cars with a full tank of fuel and the customer can return the car without need to be refilled. At the time of pick up the customer pays for the full tank including a refilling charge. Therefore the amount charged is calculated on the litres of the vehicle, the price of fuel at the moment of pick up (as reference Solmar takes the rates published on the web of the “Ministerio de Industria”) and the refilling service charge.

In case of not having used the full tank of fuel, the customer has the option to request the refund of the unused fuel at the moment of returning the car. It can be refunded ¼, ½ & ¾. Excluded from this refund is the refilling service charge.

Diesel extra charge. If the requested vehicle is Diesel there is an extra charge from €2.42 per day (VAT incl.)

Full-Full option:

For only €40 (VAT incl.) per rental, the customer has the option to take the car full of fuel and return it in the same conditions. Otherwise, there will be a refueling service charge €30 (VAT incl.) plus the missing fuel.

Rental length:

The rental dates are calculated in 24-hour period, counting from the exact time customers collects the vehicle until it’s return at our office, with its keys and documents to SolMar. The courtesy period for returning the vehicle is 59 minutes.

SolMar allows bookings to have a rental length of max 89 days. After this date the contract cannot be extended and no other new contract can be done.

SolMar considers long-term contracts rentals of duration of more than 20 days. From this date onwards the contracts need to be renewed, being a maximum period for renewal a month after the rental start. At this moment the contract will be settled and the current terms & conditions will apply for the renewal of contract.

For rentals of more than 15 days, SolMar requests the customer to show his boarding pass of arrival and departure or the corresponding flight ticket.

If the car is returned before the agreed drop off date, SolMar will refund the unused rental days.  

Car Hire contract extensions:

Customers must return the vehicle on the date and time indicated in the preceding section. For an extension of the rental period, customers must go to the closest SolMar office to sign an extension document. Agreements cannot be extended by phone or by any other means of electronic communication.

If in the original contract the customer purchased the Full-Full policy, the extension must re-pay the amount of this extra, if not, the fuel tank will be charged and policy changes to Full - 0.

The price of the extension will be determined by the current rate at the time the extension is confirmed.

Documents of the vehicle:

The return of the car without its corresponding documents has an extra charge of €40 (VAT incl.).

Fine Management Fee:

If the vehicle receives a fine belonging to the customers rental period, the contract holder will be responsible for the payment of the fine as well as a €40 (VAT incl.) traffic fine management fee.

Accident Management Fee:

If the vehicle is involved in an accident, a fee of €65 (VAT incl.) will be done for the accident management process.

Loss or damage of a vehicle's keys:

The contract holder will pay for the full amount of the key (min. €200 VAT incl.), plus any expenses incurred because of it.

Special cleaning:

a) Charge for 'special cleaning' for the costs incurred due to an additional cleaning service arising from the clearly inadequate state of the vehicle at the time of its return, subject to a minimum charge of €48.40 VAT incl.

b) Our vehicles are non-smoking vehicles. In case there are remains and odours of smoking inside the vehicle, a charge of €60.50 (VAT incl.) will be applied, for the cleaning and odour treatment, in order to leave the vehicle in perfect conditions for the next rental.

Cancellation or no show of “on request” vehicles and out of hour’s bookings:

SolMar applies a compensation charge of 25,- € (groups A, B, C, C1, D, E, E1, F1) and of 50,- € (groups E2, E9, F7, G7, G9, H, H9, M, M9) in case of a cancelation of more than 2 hours prior to pick up. 

Booking confirmation vouchers:

Customer must present the printed confirmation voucher at the time of collecting the vehicle. Otherwise there will be an extra charge of €24.20 VAT incl.


One way rentals:

One way rentals are available between all SolMar locations for the car groups A to E. Please find enclosed the corresponding charges.

















Levante: Alicante, Valencia San Javier Airports and Downtown locations (Javea, Denia, Moraira and Torrevieja)

Catalonia: Barcelona and Gerona Airports

North: Santiago de Compostela and Bilbao Airports

All one ways will be charged whichever the length of the rental.

Baby & booster seats:

Seats have to be pre-booked. They are available for €6 (VAT incl.) per day with a maximum of €84 (VAT incl.) per rental. SolMar does not have seats for babies between 0 and 9 month!


This needs to be requested in advanced. The price is €9 (VAT incl.)/day, maximum €90 per rental (VAT incl.). A credit card will be requested in order to ensure the guarantee of €100. This sum will be refunded, unless the GPS is not returned in the same conditions.


SolMar reserves the right to block a deposit in any of its locations.

Groups A to E2 = €1,000 Euros

Groups E9 to M9 = €1,500 Euros

For rentals longer than 20 days, a charge of this amount will be done onto client’s credit card.


Excess: This is the maximum amount till which the client will assume the obligation to pay the amount of damages caused to the car.

This excess and the payment method will be determined by SolMar in function of car group, extras and duration of contract by the following amounts:

Groups A to E2 = €3,500 Euros

Groups E9 – M9 = €4,000 Euros

The client authorizes SolMar to charge the excess in case of breach of contract or accident; either by the credit card or by any other types of payment method without prior authorization, being enough the communication of the charged amount. Tarifa Super Cover: In 

The client can waive any charge over this blockage, by taking the SuperCover:



Compulsory Insurance



Liability Insurance



Vehicle theft insurance



Personal accident insurance



Rims, tyres and wheel covers






Underbody of car






Roof damage



Rearview mirrors



Roadside assistance






Accident report management



Under no circumstances damages on the vehicle are covered, people or things, when driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if any of the rules in the SOLMAR SELEC rental agreement are violated

1) NO if it occurs with the keys in, are lost or stolen

NO personal items that are inside the vehicle

Cost of Super Cover (No Excess):

Group A - E2 = €17.50 Euros per day (Minimum €59 Euros and maximum €262.50 Euros)

Group E9 - M9 = €19.50 Euros per day (Minimum €66 Euros and maximum €292.50 Euros)

Snow chains:

These need to be requested in advance. The cost is €7.25 (VAT incl.)/day maximum €72.50 per rental (VAT incl.).

Border exit:

SolMar allows driving the car to Germany, France, England, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Andorra and Monaco.

It is forbidden to drive the vehicle to other countries than those mentioned above.

It is necessary to take out special cross border insurance; the cost of this travel insurance is €12.10 (VAT incl.) per day, with a minimum charge of €36.30 (VAT incl.).

Additional driver:

Three additional drivers can be added to the contract for an extra charge of €5 (VAT incl.)/day each additional driver.

Max €70 per rental (VAT incl.).

Night handling:

SolMar offers an out of hours service (22:00 to 08:00 h) at all airport locations. An extra charge of 40€ (VAT incl.) will be charged on pick up or return of the car.

Bookings with pick up within these hours have to have obligatory flight number, mobile number and credit card from the customer.

Client who wish to return the vehicle between these hours, have to take out Solmar’s Super Cover and will be charged 40 (VAT incl.) for Return Afterhours.  

Late return fee:

The return of the vehicle more than 59 minutes after the stated end time of the rental contract will generate a charge of €40 (VAT incl.)/day, plus an extra amount corresponding to the additional rental days, with a minimum of €40 (VAT incl.) and one day rental charge.

Groups may contain similar models to those specified. No model can be guaranteed in any group. 


The rates are subject to change without notice 

The rates are subject to change without notice

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