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Dickmanns Terms

The car hire prices include:

  • Unlimited mileage (except for Madrid Airport) - Customers must return the car before exceeding 2,000km per rental in order to change to a new vehicle. Please note all extras like fuel will be charged again. Failure to return the car will result in a €1.5 Euros per km charge
  • Airport fees
  • VAT


The car hire prices do not include:

The insurance does not cover:

  • roadside assistance
  • wheels
  • tires
  • hubcaps
  • locks
  • windows, side and rear-view mirrors
  • undercarriage
  • motor, towing service after accident
  • clutch
  • battery
  • damage to oil sump
  • catalytic convertor
  • radiator

Dickmann offer a SCDW insurance (see below) if this is not taken out the following Excess applies this will be taken as a block/swipe on your credit card:


Group Price
Group B to D €1,100 Euros
Group E to FT €1,300 Euros
Group H €1,850 Euros
Group I  €2,000 Euros

The block/swipe will be taken off after verification that the vehicle is in the same condition as have been taken. Therefore we should receive at least two hours prior to the end time contained in the customer contract, so our agents have enough time to check fully the vehicle.

Dickmanns rent a car, is not responsible for the fees charged by your bank on the return of the franchise and reserves the right to cancel delivery of the vehicle in case of doubts about the financial capacity of the client or the history of defaults or serious incidents with our merchant in previous rentals.

The company will not be responsible for lost flight of customers, who are not in time and within our facilities to carry out checking, for all of which, exempt from any liability and expenses that will generate customers.

SCDW Insurance (Dickmanns offer this insurance that includes no deposit)

  • 24h telephone assistance
  • external windows
  • rear-view mirrors
  • punctures, tires and wheels
  • roadside assistance
  • damage sheet for use “SCDW”
  • 1 additional courtesy hour free of charge by return,
  • damages to locks 
  • hubcaps and aerials 

The cost of the insurance is as follows:

 Day(s) Group B, BB, BC & BD Group CC, CA, CD, CN, D, DA, F & FT  Group E, H, I & JA 
1 €59.80 Euros €64.55 Euros  €69.30 Euros 
2 €59.80 Euros €64.55 Euros €69.30 Euros 
3 €71.20 Euros €75.95 Euros €80.70 Euros 
4 €80.70 Euros €85.45 Euros €90.20 Euros 
5 €99.70 Euros €104.45 Euros  €109.20 Euros 
6 €109.20 Euros €118.70 Euros €123.45 Euros 
7 €132.95 Euros €137.70 Euros €147.20 Euros 
8 €147.20 Euros €156.70 Euros  €166.20 Euros 
9 €161.45 Euros €170.95 Euros  €180.45 Euros 
10 €180.45 Euros €189.95 Euros  €199.45 Euros 
11 €189.95 Euros €199.45 Euros €208.95 Euros 
12 €199.45 Euros €208.95 Euros €223.20 Euros
13 €201.45 Euros €210.95 Euros  €225.20 Euros 
14 €203.45 Euros €212.95 Euros  €227.20 Euros 
15 €205.45 Euros €214.95 Euros €229.20 Euros
16 €207.45 Euros €216.95 Euros  €231.20 Euros 
17 €208.45 Euros €217.95 Euros  €232.20 Euros 
18 €209.45 Euros €218.95 Euros  €233.20 Euros 
19 €210.45 Euros €219.95 Euros  €234.20 Euros 
20 €211.45 Euros €220.95 Euros  €235.20 Euros 
21 €213.45 Euros €222.95 Euros  €237.20 Euros 
22 €215.45 Euros €225.95 Euros  €239.20 Euros 
23 €217.45 Euros €227.95 Euros  €241.20 Euros 
24 €219.45 Euros €229.95 Euros  €243.20 Euros
25 €221.45 Euros €231.95 Euros  €245.20 Euros
26 €223.45 Euros €233.95 Euros  €247.20 Euros 
27 €225.45 Euros €235.95 Euros  €249.20 Euros 
28 €227.45 Euros €237.95 Euros  €251.20 Euros 


You must always notify Dickmanns Rent a Car of any collision, theft, fire or act of vandalism involving the vehicle within forty-eight hours of it occurring, and provide the pertinent documentation (accident report, police report, etc.).

Please bear in mind that you must always notify Dickmanns Rent a Car of any collision, theft, fire or act of vandalism involving the vehicle within forty-eight hours of it occurring, and provide the pertinent documentation (accident report, police report, etc.).

The client, together with one of our agents, has the obligation of checking the state of the rented vehicle, to ascertain that the vehicle is in a good state of use, and record possible anomalies in the upper part of the contract, with the acceptance of both parties with their pertinent signatures. If the rented vehicle, when returned, appears with damage that was not previously reflected in the contract, Dickmanns Rent a Car will have the possibility of demanding that the client, after the expiry of the vehicle rental period, pay any amounts incurred in its repair.


  • Third party damage or to the rental vehicle that is due to negligence or unsuitable driving.
  • Expenses and costs incurred as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
  • Loss, breakage or damage to the keys.
  • Damages or loss of the jack, safety triangles, vests, spare tire, puncture kit, or any other mobile and fixed object of the vehicle interior, windscreen wipers, breakage or theft of the fuel tank cap, trunk trays, etc.
  • Inadequate petrol re-fueling.
  • Damages to the radio-CD player or upholstery (irrespective of whether it is dirt or burns to the seats)
  • Damages resulting from the inappropriate use of the clutch and gearbox.
  • Traffic fines for speeding and parking infringements.
  • Loss of child seats.
  • Personal belongings left in the car.
  • Theft of the vehicle with the keys in the ignition.
  • Drivers not included in the contract and reckless driving.
  • Any negligence classified in the Road Traffic Rules.
  • Total costs incurred in recovering abandoned vehicles.
  • Any damages not included in any accident reports and which is detected as set forth in the section Extra Insurance Cover.
  • Damages to the engine due to negligence.
  • The days the vehicle is out of service while being repaired.
  • Tow truck expenses if the Premium Plus cover has not been contracted.
  • Damages or losses that are the result of a negligent attitude are not covered under any circumstances.
  • Loss/stolen keys in any circumstance
  • Tow-away service due to client's negligence, traffic fines, damaged tyres etc

Theft of personal effects

Loss or damage to car keys (replacement cost between 60 € and 100 € depending on model of vehicle).

Damage to glass, tires, interior, top and bottom of car fines, clutch and tracking coats

In the event of an accident, and if no extra cover is contracted, clients will incur a charge of €150 for processing costs (document management, accident reports, notifications to insurance companies, etc.).

Limited Mileage at Madrid Airport:

The limitations of Km per day at a cost of €0.45 Euros per Km are:

From 1 to 3 days: 350 km per day

From 4 to 6 days: 250 km per day

From 7 to 14 days: 150 km per day

From 15 days on: 100 km per day

If the customer returns the vehicle before the expected date, the actual days of the rental contract will always apply. This means that the customer cannot book a  car for a week  (allowance of 1.050 kilometers) return the car after two days  and do the mileage of 7 days. In this case the mileage allowance is 700 kilometers. If the  customer exceeds the mileage allowance he will be charged for it at 0,45€ per kilometer. 


€40 Euros this applies both ways Please note that this surcharge is not included in the final price.

ALICANTE AIRPORT : 23:59 - 07:00

MURCIA AIRPORT : 22:30 - 09:00   

VALENCIA AIRPORT : 23:00 - 08:00 

MADRID AIRPORT: 22:30 - 07:00


Additional Driver (€4.5 Euros per day with a maximum of €50 Euros per rental) maximum number of Additional drivers is 3

Young Drivers between 21-25 years old €4.5 Euros per day with a maximum €50 Euros

Drivers with less than four years on their driving licence will pay €4.5 Euros per day with a maximum €50 Euros

Drivers 75 or over MUST TAKE OUT THE SCDW INSURANCE the cheapest way of doing this is by choosing our 'All Inclusive' option (orange banner). The prices of the 'All Inclusive' includes Dickmanns insurance with no excess.


Baby seat (1 – 3 years) (€5.35 Euros per day maximum €50 Euros per rental)

Booster seat (4+ years) (€5.35 Euros per day maximum €50 Euros per rental)

GPS €6.5 Euros per day with a maximum of €65 Euros per rental (€100 Euros deposit required)

Extra charge for Diesel if the vehicle provided is Diesel it will be subject to an extra charge of €2 for each rental day.

If a client returns the vehicle without its corresponding documentation a surcharge of €100 will be applied, after checking the vehicle.

One-Way Charges (in Euros):

 Murcia (MJV)  N/A  N/A  €35 €35   €90  €90  €120
 Los Alcazares (LAL)  N/A  N/A  €35  €35  €90  €90  €120
 Torrevieja (TOR)  €35  €35  N/A  €35  €90  €90  €120
 Alicante (ALC)  €35  €35  €35  N/A  €50  €90  €120
 Moraira (MOR)  €90  €90  €90  €50  N/A €50  €100
 Valencia (VLC)  €90  €90  €90  €90  €50  N/A  €100
 Madrid (MAD)  €120  €120  €120  €120  €100  €100  N/A


A charge of €50 Euros for cars picked up at a different location if your flight is diverted.

Late return of the vehicle: if the vehicle is returned after the date and time agreed to in the rental contract, the insurance policy will be invalidated and the client will be subject to a penalty charge of €40 (VAT included) x day. Apart from this surcharge, clients will also be subject to the payment of the daily rental rate.

If a client returns the vehicle without its corresponding documentation a surcharge of €100 will be applied, after checking the vehicle.

Clients that abandon their vehicles at a location other than the location agreed to in the rental contract will be responsible for the costs incurred for this breach of contract, which will amount to 
120 (VAT Included). In addition, besides the daily rental rate. 

Late return of the vehicle inside the same day: if the vehicle is returned after the agreed time in the rental contract, the insurance policy will be invalidated and the client will be subject to a penalty charge of €37 x day (VAT included).

Penalty fines €37 Euros + customer to pay fine

Accident management fee €150 Euros

Management of fines Fines that come from abroad. The client has ignored our conditions and has gone abroad. Therefore, for a fine that comes from abroad, we will charge the customer 75 euros.

That same customer for ignoring our conditions will be charged a penalty of 450 euros.

If the vehicle requires special cleaning a there is a minimum charge of €120 Euros

Cars are not allowed to be taken outside of mainland Spain.

Not covered by any insurance: breakage, loss or damage to keys, damage to the interior of the vehicle, use of wrong fuel, lost or stolen vehicle parts - (example - spare wheels, tools, rear tray, antennas, etc. ...) and any damages that are not reflected in an accident report.

In any case damages are not covered, caused by negligent driving or under the influence of alcohol / drugs.

Removal of the seats of the rented vehicles is prohibited.

We reserve the right to cancel the delivery of the vehicle in case of doubt about the client's financial ability or background to this, in default or serious incidents to Dickmanns Rent a Car.

Fuel Policy

Dickmanns have two fuel policies available: Full to Empty and Full to Full. This is defined by the choice you made when booking your car on our website.

Full to Empty: The car will be supplied with a full tank and on arrival you will be asked to pay for a full tank of fuel.

Fuel prices will be between ** (see table) depending on the model of the vehicle delivered. This price includes the service for refueling which will be ** (see table). Please note that this price may change between now and the date of collection.

At the end of the rent you will be refunded proportional to the amount of fuel remaining in the tank, excluding operating and refueling costs.

 Group Price  Re-fueling Charge 
B €70 - €81 (incl. refueling service €34)
BB €73 - €82 (incl. refueling service €34)
BC €73 - €82 (incl. refueling service €34)
CC €84 - €98 (incl. refueling service €34)
CA €85 - €101 (incl. refueling service €34)
CD €85 - €101 (incl. refueling service €34)
D €86 - €109 (incl. refueling service 38)
E €100 - €110  (incl. refueling service €40)
F €100 - €110  (incl. refueling service €40)
FT €100 - €110 (incl. refueling service €40)
H €110 - €115 (incl. refueling service €42)
I €130 - €140 (incl. refueling service €45)

Full to Full: Car will be supplier full of fuel and must be returned full of fuel (customers will be charged for a full tank of fuel and if the car is returned full of fuel you will receive a full refund). If the car is not returned full of fuel a surcharge of €40 Euros plus the charge of the fuel will be applied. Customers that choose the full - full rate, will be required to show at the counter the receipt of fuel refueling within the same day of the return and a slot within the usual time of arrival from the service station to the branch back, never exceeding 10 km radius.

If a customer returns the vehicle before the date agreed in the lease, Dickmanns Rent a Car will not reimburse the customer for unused days. In special circumstances (serious illness, etc...) Dickmanns rent a car, would consider if reimbursement is made.

The rental contract can only have a maximum duration of 28 days, and will be charged pursuant to the season in question. The initial contract can only be of 28 days up to a maximum of 89 days.

Customers arriving without a car hire voucher will incur a €15 Euros admin charge


A valid credit card will be required at car hire collection point (American Express not accepted). Payment shall be made by the credit card (Visa or MasterCard) of the main driver. If only a debit card is available (Visa or MasterCard is accepted) it will be necessary to take out Dickmanns Premium Plus Cover.

All payments by credit card will incur a €4.95 Euros charge

Drivers must be 21 years of age and have held a valid driving license for at least two years and 25 Years old for Groups H, I & JA.

Drivers aged between 21-25 years old €4.5 Euros per day with a maximum €50 Euros
Drivers with less than four years on their driving licence will pay €4.5 Euros per day with a maximum €50 Euros


Groups may contain similar models to those specified. No model can be guaranteed in any group. 


The rates are subject to change without notice

The rates are subject to change without notice

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